Beyond Ego

Symbols of the Soul:
The Painting Process

These classes
provide opportunity
for participants
to step back in time
and feeling,
to that state
in which creativity
is playfully doing
whatever arises in the moment,
without self-consciousness or care
or worry about form
or the end result.
Here is a safe place
to lose control for awhile,
without repercussions –
to learn to move freely through
the uncertainty of where you are going,
will be,
and to find the courage
to take your next step anyway.
After initial reassurance
and simple instruction,
participants will start painting –
they will keep painting
as surprises happen,
as the unconscious
expresses itself
directly onto paper.
As blanks
and blocks
deep feelings can emerge –
though this is not a goal.
What is important
to keep



For all levels, 1st-timers to advanced

9am - 12pm Friday mornings

Janat Painting

Call Janat for more information

Janat Horowitz
(303) 656-8835

Studio address: 895 Roxwood Lane, Unit B
Boulder, CO 80303

Imagine yourself immersed in your creative source, painting from your heart and soul with childlike abandon, accompanied by a small group of kindred spirits. We will be painting for process with tempera paints and honesty-our only goal. Although experienced artists will benefit equally from the Process, no former training is necessary. 

"Janat Dundas gently and lovingly holds a safe space for your deepest creative spirit to express itself." Aviva Gold, Art Medicine Woman, author of 'Painting from the Source."

If you would like to view our slideshows:
Evolution of a painting #1
| Evolution of a painting#2

Class instructor: Janat Horowitz, painter and teacher for 22 years; former manager of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Ojai, CA; Soul Painting teacher & founder of the Art Barn, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

Recommended Reading:
“Painting from the Source” by Aviva Gold available on her website.



For 22 years years, Janat has focused on offering opportunities for people to express their creative side in a non-judgmental environment. During her 5 years on staff at the Esalen Institute, she served as Artist and Teacher in Residence and co-founded the Esalen Creative Arts Barn. Following Esalen, she was the resident manager of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, CA. (Beatrice Wood was the matron artist of the “Dada" movement in the 20th century.) Internationally known artists studied at the Center with Janat as their hostess.

By nature and life experience that has included working as a white water rafting guide, grandparenting, and doing extensive psychological and spiritual work, Janat has developed a remarkable intuitive sense of human nature. She now applies her talents to assisting others in accessing and expressing hidden feelings creatively.

Janat and Magoo"We all have been socialized to think, feel, and behave as we 'should,' and in the process of such socialization, our spontaneous, creative, innocent aspects have been buried. We learn to paint and draw conventionally and fall into self-conscious, perfectionist, habitual ruts. This painting process unlocks the door of that prison.

Imagine yourself reaching inside, finding your depths, bringing forth your truth with paint on paper as you never have before. That is what we do."

Janat studied with Michele Cassou and and co-led workshops with author-painting teacher Aviva Gold.

Participants' comments:

"A superb way to get through creative blocks and ruts."

“Janat is warm, non-judgmental, and I felt I could trust her, trust myself, and keep going.” ~ Mary N., Ojai, CA

“I hadn’t painted for 20 years, and during one class with Janat, I rediscovered how much I love to paint.”

“I’ve gone back to my paintings two years later, and see things coming true today. I can see clearly now what I was expressing then.” ~Richard, Santa Cruz, CA

"The process that Janat teaches is like improvisational dance. You don't know where you're going, and you get to places you couldn't imagine!" Charles Horowitz, Ph.D.

Janat Horowitz,
Boulder, Colorado (303) 656-8835