Rediscover your creative voice!

Imagine yourself immersed in your creative source, painting from your heart and soul with childlike abandon, accompanied by a small group of kindred spirits. We will be painting with tempera paints and honesty, which is our only goal. Although experienced artists will benefit from the process, no former training is necessary!

Process Painting
The studio is ready for some fresh paint!

These classes provide opportunity for participants to step back in time and feeling, to that state in which creativity is playfully doing whatever arises in the moment, without self-consciousness or care or worry about form or the end result.

Here is a safe place to lose control for awhile, without repercussions –to learn to move freely through the uncertainty of where you are going, what will be, and to find the courage to take your next step anyway. After initial reassurance and simple instruction, participants will start painting –Anything! Then, they will keep painting as surprises happen, as the unconscious expresses itself directly onto paper. As blanks and blocks occur, deep feelings can emerge – though this is not a goal. What is important is to keep Painting.

Recommended Reading: “Painting from the Source” by Aviva Gold.

Class instructor: Janat Horowitz, painter and teacher for over 25 years.

“Janat Horowitz gently and lovingly holds a safe space for your deepest creative spirit to express itself.”

~Aviva Gold, Art Medicine Woman, author of ‘Painting from the Source’.