Wanna Paint with Abandon this Fall?? New Series: 9/28-11/2

I’ve always loved Autumn.

September 28th to November 2nd, 2018
6 series, Friday morning classes 9:30 to 12:30pm

As the days begin to cool I start wanting to do more creating. And, what I’ve found out about myself is that I need a group. Even with a studio in my home, I want to be with others.  If you’re like me and have found yourself wanting to lose yourself in creativity, please join me for a 6 series, Friday morning classes 9:30 to 12:30pm, September 28th to November 2nd. 

Call me for details and to RSVP –  Janat @ 303 656-8835 

From my mentor, Aviva Gold:
“If you desire to know yourself, Paint from the Source.” So the question is: Why do people desire to know them selves? Why do you (people) come to Painting From the Source®? Why do people do deep inner work? Why do people go to spiritual retreats? It is a commitment of time, money effort, physical and emotional discomfort, facing the unknown and sometimes dealing with long buried fears, grief and anger. … and the possibility of feeling our magnificence, bliss, love and divinity which can be equally scary.
So the question is, do you choose to enter this realm of self-discovery? or are you chosen by your destiny and by life events?

We think we choose to come to a workshop and do this deep inner work but I wonder…. The problems in our world certainly compel many of us to seek retreat and support to deal with and even help with solutions. Are we chosen by life, our genes, our destiny even before we are born? Our Karma? … our souls purpose through many life times? Personally, I was called to do this work. It never felt like a choice.

Many of us come into the world ripe to take the path of self discovery, to teach “Love” but often it is a life situation that pushes us over the edge, which squeezes on us to the point where it is time for the fruit to fall from the tree, …  it could be aging, health, a death of a loved one, loss of a job, a powerful dream, a divorce or any crisis. So in this way we are chosen by life to do the inner work, to wake up to our selves and the Source. But we still have a choice. We can go willingly or be dragged. Many people show up willingly, curious, really ripe and ready.”



Author: Janat

Janat Horowitz teaches Process Painting using the "Painting From The Source" method. With her 25+ years experience of holding a safe space for creative growth, her small group sessions are wonderful for the heart and soul. Rediscover your own creative voice!